Tatum Jace

Psychic And Clairvoyant Readings

Welcome to Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings by Tatum Jace. I specialize in psychic services including tarot cards, reiki, aura, chakra, astrology and palm readings.

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Tarot Card Readings

My readings can give you insight on relationships, career, finances and much more.

Palm Readings

Your palm can give me insights into your life. Like tarot readings I can look into different aspects of your life.

Aura/Chakra Readings

I will work with you to gain insights regarding your mental, emotional and physical states.

Astrology Readings

I explain all the information regarding your chart (planets, signs and aspects) and how these all effect your life.

No Questions Asked

I do not ask any of my clients for any of their personal information including their birthdays or any other information that may lead to exposure the client doesn’t feel comfortable with.


I want to make sure that all of my clients are completely comfortable every step of the way.

Most Importantly

This is most important to me because if I can’t build trust with you than it probably isn’t going to work out. I look forward to speaking with all of you and working with all of you!

A Little About Tatum

Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings

Tatum Jace, resident of Lynnfield Mass. Specializes in Psychic Readings including tarot cards, palm and aura reading, astrology, and reiki. Tatum has been giving readings for over 20 years and is professional in her craft. Jace operates out of Lynnfield, Mass. but serves clients throughout Essex County, Mass. Tatum is a focused professional and provides accurate readings to all of her clients.

Tatum Jace

Professional Aura and Chakra Readings

Aura/Chakra readings involve looking at your chakra and aura centers which are energy centers aligned down the front and back of your body. I will work with you to gain insights regarding your mental, emotional and physical states. This helps me address any of your questions on a much deeper level. All the information that we obtain together will help you let go of emotional and mental blocks in those chakras. This creates harmony within because it allows the energy in the aura/chakras to flow freely.

Astrology Readings

I offer all astrology readings for my clients. I explain all the information regarding your chart (planets, signs and aspects) and how these all effect your life. Every aspect of your life is focused on including career, purpose, relationships, family, creativity, emotional and soul needs. This will help you understand yourself and embrace who you are. Finding out all of this information will help you live the authentic life that you are made to live.

Spiritual Healing

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki is done by “laying on hands” which is based on an idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This practice of spiritual healing helps bring the mind and body back into a balance causing stress relief, anxiety relief and pain relief. I am fully trained within the practice of Reiki Healing. I can help you achieve and assist in fixing your physical and emotional imbalances. Give me a call today for more information and any questions or concerns you may have for me.

Find Answers

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings help you find answers to your questions about love, relationships, career, finances and so much more through an ancient deck of cards. Tarot Cards have been used for hundreds of years and I offer accurate readings based on the cards you choose. Each card has a different meaning depending on its position so every reading is unique and personal giving you a detailed perspective on your situation.

Examine Your Life

Palm Readings

The answers are In the palm of your hands! The palm of each individual gives me a look into his or her own life. In order to achieve a reading I examine the length, depth, distinctiveness and intersections of the lines on your hand. This gives me the ability to examine your ability to handle finance, love, health and friendships. Sometimes it takes more than just the palm and I may look at your fingers, skin texture and even your overall palm shape.